Founded in 1999, Atchik serves brands and companies worldwide with conversational software and services.

The core of our company is a strong belief that advanced software together with a team of highly trained and dedicated people, is the winning formula for creating successful solutions for our clients.

passion, dedication and team spirit

The diversity of our skills and experiences combined with our strong internal values produce a reliable and talented team.

Our passion and energy drive us. We like what we do. We like to innovate and to come up with the best solutions.

We are dedicated and result-driven. We always look to improve our work to offer the best to our clients.

Team spirit
We work as a team. We help each other and always benefit from each other’s diverse skills and cultural backgrounds.

Driven by these values, we manage customer conversations in the most reliable way and have created the most efficient and powerful software and platform tools. We do our job 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and in 14 different languages.


We are always looking for talented people to join our teams in Copenhagen, Toulouse and in our offices throughout the world, and would love to hear from you.


atchik's history

Since 1999, Atchik has been supplying international companies with innovative software and services transforming customer conversations into value for their businesses.

Company history

atchik is founded

The company provides mobile communities to telecom operators and experiences a rapid international growth.


moderation as a service

atchik develops its own moderation solution, with a view to increase engagement on all the communities of its clients throughout the world.



atchik (in France) and realtime (in Denmark) merge. The company has international offices in Europe and Latin America.


dedicated setup in France

atchik in France focuses its activities on moderation and community management services for brands and media and quickly becomes a leader in such digital services in the French market.


launch of Safescreen

Safescreen is our unique moderation software platform that collects in one single interface any type of content (texts, images, videos...) from every input source (social networks, mobile, web...).


additional services

atchik's offer is enriched by a set of additional digital services: online reputation, crisis management and customer care on social networks.


new offer

atchik releases a new comprehensive offer combining conversational software via chatbot and services with the view to transform each end-user conversations into value for its customer business. The ambition is to be an international leader in the management of customer conversations.